It’s been a while…

Hey world…sorry we haven’t been posting anything new and exciting in our lives for a while. Things have been and are a little hectic for us as we’re getting ready to move this week and expecting me to go into labor any day now as well. Talk about overwhelmed! Our little apartment is stuffed with boxes and baby stuff everywhere. It’s driving us crazy now and on top of it all, our dog just went into ‘season.’ What timing?!!! But at least now we have a solid place to move into this Friday…for a while there we were pursuing purchasing this other house and it turns out that now just isn’t the time for it. It’s actually a relief rather than a disappointment, which is surprising. I just want a good place to bring my babies home to, and we got it thank God and thank our good friends who are renting us a nice little home close to IHOP.  Now I feel like I can go into labor ‘in peace,’ if that’s even possible. 🙂 Anyways, hopefully I’ll become better at updating and posting here. And I should be posting some pictures here soon!



  burning247 wrote @

what up!

  Fillipi Limas wrote @

Hello Theo & Melissa, This Fillipi Limas, I worked with Theo at Mizner Grand, I have recently given my heart to Christ Jesus, and attend Calvary Chapel of Fort Lauderdale, FL. I have been married for about 3 years, and have you guys on my mind recently, God has put you in my hearts and am hoping to be able to talk with Theo, I am so happy that the lord has blesses you with a precious gift of a child, I know you both will be great parents, who will have your light so shine in the world, to glorify our father in heaven.

God Bless and Good Luck,

Fillipi & Rose Limas

  Steve & Amanda wrote @

been awhile??? …now its been 1 year!!!! 🙂

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